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Academies for Internal Design
Internal design relates to architecture. Internal designers are in charge of the architectural design of the individual's environment in his house and in recreation, leisure and shopping areas. They place an emphasis on the aesthetic, cultural, technologic, economic and environmental aspects.

The internal designer should relate to the building's design and understand in various materials, paints, systems and infrastructures, sanitation, lighting, furniture, etc.

The improvement in the life style, the increase in leisure and the technological development – accompanied by economic progression, brought about a complex system of architectural and design-related demands in all that concerns the users' well-being, the efficient use of building materials and their modern products, and designing habitats and other places in accordance with functional or design-related demands.

Studies of internal design qualify young designers to be proficient, creative and original professionals. Internal design is a dynamic area which requires the sensitivity of the designer to the changes and developments which surround him, and knowledge of the local, cultural and international heritage.

On this page, we have listed for you the variety of options available to those of you, who wish to study internal design, internal and external architecture. There are individual enriching courses in various areas of design (for example: design of spaces, furniture design, kitchen, children's rooms etc.), and there are complete routes for the diploma of internal designer.

Each institute has its own unique teaching methods. For additional information, you can approach the colleges and universities directly, through the site.

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Dublin 2
2 year Higher National Diploma in Interior Design
Rhodec Associate Diploma in Interior Design
Templemichael College Longford-Interior Design • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Dublin 6
DIT-The BA Design – Interior and Furniture provides training and education for ... Interior Design
Dublin 14
Limperts Academy of Design provides professional, innovative design courses with the flexibility to suit your lifestyle.
Dublin 8
An established foundation course in Interior Design, offering a broad training relevant to employment in a large number of areas that require knowledge, awareness and skills in the design of interior spaces.
Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture
A two-year full-time programme in Interior Design validated by Rhodec
Dublin 6
Home Economics - department within the school, offering Fashion and Textiles; Housing and Interior Design; Sociology ...
Dublin 8
Griffith College Dublin, Faculty of Design, Diploma in Interior Design.
Diploma in Professional Interior Design
Dublin 1
Creative Studies - Fashion, Make Up Artistry, Interior Design Courses
Senior College Dun Laoghaire offers the the following Courses:
Dublin 8
Faculty of Design are intended to develop design awareness and problem solving skills through conceptual and practical techniques as applied to specific project briefs.
Dublin 1
School of Design - Computer Aided Design courses
Dublin 2
Diploma course in interior design
The Interior Design Course at Galway Business School aims to introduce you to the world of interior design and participants will need to have a strong interest in design and a commitment to intensive study.
This course is for students interested in a comprehensive practical and theoretical introduction to interior design
The Limperts Academy Diploma programme is an in-depth course that covers the fundamentals of interior design and decoration
Faculty of design
CMIT is a provider of accredited Distance Learning home study courses in Ireland

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